All our musicians are volunteers.  If you would like to help with music, as a vocalist and/or instrumentalist, at one of the weekend Masses, you are most welcome!
Please call a contact person listed below for more information.
Music at the Sunday 7:30AM Mass is led by Barb Lott -- 816-419-8398.
Music at the Sunday 10:30AM Mass is coordinated by Barb Bopp -- 816-640-2453.

If you have thought about joining the choir, allow us to provide the top ten reasons why you should.

10. You recently were selected for jury duty and want to see what it feels like sitting with a group of people.
9. It’s just like American Idol, but for God, and we let you stay.
8. For years you have wanted to know who sits in the back but were afraid to turn around.
7. You have been known to nod off during the homily and don’t want Father to catch you sleeping.
6. You will always have a great, reserved seat for Christmas and Easter.
5. Every time you sing, an Angel gets their wings.
4. When Father starts preaching to the choir, he’ll be preaching to you.
3. When you sing, you pray twice!
2. The offering plate is never passed to the choir.
And the number one reason to join the Holy Trinity Choir:
1. In heaven, you will know all the words to the songs.

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